Too many lyrics♪♫ [post random del dia]

♪♫This part of me wont go away
Don't you know she's coming home with me?
you'l lose her in the turn.
Sometimes i feel like a prophet
Under the gun like a new disease
lover, can you help me? i'm a child lost in the woods
Keep it locked up inside
Keep my distance from your lies
It’s too late to love me now
You don't even know me
Breaking a part of my heart to find release
Taking you out of my blood to bring me peace
You were never mine, so you were perfect.
This is our medicine. This is our time to
Medicate you with me.
Now as we lose ourselves in this and ignore
that you don't even know my name
City lights, like rain,
Dance and explode. Fall upon debutants ♫♪

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